How Does a Ninja Pick up Women?


It’s easy once they’re lifeless! Although members of the Brisbane band “The Ninjas” shouldn’t have much trouble picking up women, considering they’ve already won the heart of Cara Delevingne. As well as mine, although stealing my heart won’t get them mentioned in Rolling Stone Australia… that was Cara’s doing. Tap the link below to check out the song, along with four other tracks the Australians of Rolling Stone think are worth 3 to 4 minutes of your time.

Immediately following my thumb’s tapping on their newest single, “Morphine”, were goosebumps down my left leg. When I get goosies on my left leg, I know I’ve found the gold mine. Or at least something worth listening to… The Ninjas are an indie rock band consisting of five unsigned Aussies, who know what they’re doing. ‘Morphine’ has a bit of a different sound than their usual material, although it is of no lesser quality(actually, it’s my personal favorite). This group consists of arguably below-the-radar iconoclasts with a sound similar to that of post-punk revival bands such as the White Stripes or the Strokes. If you need me I can be found sitting on the couch biting my fingernails waiting for a full album release.


Kingsfoil is a quirky indie pop rock trio from Pennsylvania. Their sound is easy to enjoy and quick to pull you in. It’s catchy, but has substance as well. The immediate gratification young ears so intently crave can be satisfied but quickly followed by the realization that not all pop songs go bad, heading towards some predestined expiration date.

Oh, and fun fact… Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the middle is the drummer.



The term brick-and-mortar business is often used to refer to a company that possesses buildings, production facilities, or store for operations.

The term Brick + Mortar in music is often used to refer to an alternative band that possesses an indie rock sound, an interesting origin story, and an unbelievable hook game.

Slowly moving up the totem pole, this band has covered ground and gained a following. This is to be expected with such a big, infectious sound you wouldn’t believe comes from just two people. Listening to their album is similar to listening to someone being held in the psychiatric ward of your local hospital recount stories of their youth, with uber catchy background music. Covering a range of different sounds, B&M is a versatile band drawing from pop & rock with the addition of a secret ingredient or two.


One Downside of living in the US…

Is getting official access to hudson Taylor’s album ‘Singing for Strangers’ two months late. It’s the corner piece of the Folk flavored, Singer/Songwriter cake. Unless of course, you like the middle piece… then, it would be the middle piece.

Peaking at #3 in Ireland and #24 in the UK, we Americans have missed out. This duo might be a couple of Mumford’s *long lost* sons. Raw and far from glitzy, Hudson Taylor’s music stands out. It’s a sound you wouldn’t be surprised to hear filling a bar in Dublin or Cork, with their Irish roots showing in their music. Their harmonies will give you goosebumps, and the acoustics will have you coming back for another piece.

Now that you’ve read this, your homework is to spend one hour and 11 minutes of tomorrow giving this deserving duo a listen.



Zella Day x Halsey

Fill your ears with music that makes you feel something. Whether it be positive or negative, loud or quiet, the best artists create songs filled with lyrics and beats or strums that will get you seeing from their point of view and catching whatever feelings they had whilst producing these pieces of music (aka little blessings). There are two female artists similar in style and both fairly new to the business that have already figured out how to deliver the type of songs I just described.

First, Zella Day. She just released her first album (Kicker) after an almost unbearable wait filled with the constant replaying of her few released singles and cover of “Seven Nation Army”. I know you’ll want to run straight to her album, but be sure to check out that cover where she puts a sweet twist on a track borrowed from the White Stripes.


Check out her tumblr here: & SoundCloud below 🙂

Up next, Halsey. Her album isn’t quite out yet… but don’t worry, you only have to hold your breath until August 28th. You can do it. In the meantime, her EP, “Room 93”, is out calling your name. On top of that, her two singles “Hold Me Down” & “New Americana” will give you a taste of “Badlands”. Halsey’s sound is similar to that of Zella Day’s, but its definitely unique and worth a listen (or 10,00). Thats for you to decide.

Give her a listen here:


Listen to This.



Raury. An 18 year-old artist from Atlanta who isn’t afraid to dip his toe into multiple genres and end up creating one of his own. Hence the birth of Indigo Child, his first EP.
Indigo Child is a contradiction. It delivers vibrant, unique pieces of music from a simple and bland perspective. It’s messy and contains underdeveloped ideas, which makes it interesting and raw. Raury has a crazy amount of potential, but plenty of merit as well. I’m waiting as patiently as possible to see the new shape his work will take on in the future. If you haven’t listened to the EP yet, it’s time you did. If I can’t convince you to do that, at least check out “Cigarette Song”.