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How Does a Ninja Pick up Women?


It’s easy once they’re lifeless! Although members of the Brisbane band “The Ninjas” shouldn’t have much trouble picking up women, considering they’ve already won the heart of Cara Delevingne. As well as mine, although stealing my heart won’t get them mentioned in Rolling Stone Australia… that was Cara’s doing. Tap the link below to check out the song, along with four other tracks the Australians of Rolling Stone think are worth 3 to 4 minutes of your time.

Immediately following my thumb’s tapping on their newest single, “Morphine”, were goosebumps down my left leg. When I get goosies on my left leg, I know I’ve found the gold mine. Or at least something worth listening to… The Ninjas are an indie rock band consisting of five unsigned Aussies, who know what they’re doing. ‘Morphine’ has a bit of a different sound than their usual material, although it is of no lesser quality(actually, it’s my personal favorite). This group consists of arguably below-the-radar iconoclasts with a sound similar to that of post-punk revival bands such as the White Stripes or the Strokes. If you need me I can be found sitting on the couch biting my fingernails waiting for a full album release.