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Meg Myers- Nothing to be ‘Sorry’ About

Idiosyncratic non-conformist Meg Myers released her LP, “Sorry”, in September 2015. An alternative/indie rock artist exhibiting thick grunge influence along with the occasional hint of electronic, she delivers some very unique tunes. I wouldn’t be in too much of a shock if 1995 Chris Cornell had borrowed Marty McFly’s Delorean and popped in to help Myers construct her LP.

Catchy choruses are a common theme, brandishing vocals pushed nearly to the breaking point, emotional and dour. They mix well with the punk-esque guitar and drums, further fleshing out the sound.

“Sorry” is a satirically apologetic anthem. A slight build detonates into the chorus, slowing down again, the inconsistent tempo making for a mesmerizing 3 minutes and 56 seconds. “Make a Shadow” grabs you fro the get-go with simple guitar strumming joined by soft lyrics. A few drum taps are followed by a slight pause- and the guitar crashes back as Myers reappears with weighted down vocals, soaring through the chorus. The vocal velocity makes this track a stand out, very different than “A Bolt From The Blue”, which is more electronic and radio-friendly; it’s a less complex love song with simple lyrics.

Meg Myers is the music industry’s translation of Breakfast Club basket-case meets Gossip Girl’s Jenny Humphrey. Her LP is quirky and a bit haunting, a good listen overall.